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2 December 2020 < 1 min

Three ways the Biden administration could impact climate change

While Joe Biden has won the requisite electoral (and popular) votes to be inaugurated as the next President of the USA in January, the blue wave that would have decisively delivered a Democrat Senate never broke. This has elicited questions about the scale of climate ambition that can…

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20 October 2020 4 mins

Is the tide of climate awareness turning?

As the global economy ground to a halt, the environment experienced a moment of respite. However, despite the slowdown in greenhouse gas emissions caused by COVID-19, climate change manifestations are set to rise, with fires in California the latest devastating example. While societal awareness of climate change is…

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15 June 2020 2 mins

BP’s reduction in its oil and gas prices

BP's reduction in its oil and gas price assumptions - could this set off a chain reaction that puts us on a path to Paris? BP has today announced that it will lower the long-term oil and gas price assumptions used in its financial statements by roughly 20%…

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