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27 July 2020 6 mins

Managing your investments in a bear market

A rising tide floats all swimmers, but it’s only when the tide goes out that you can see who is wearing a swimming costume. Markets that consistently trend upwards – which they mostly do – make most investors look smart. It generally requires the shock of a bear…

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1 April 2020 3 mins

The time to act on climate change is now

Industry players should adopt a package of measures at the forthcoming climate negotiations COP26 What is your approach to responsible investment? Our focus for 2020 is policy outreach centred on climate change in the lead up to COP26. Climate change poses material risks to our investments, and the…

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6 March 2020 < 1 min

Spring Seminars 2020

Richard Maitland explains why we cancelled our 2020 Spring Seminars, and what you can expect from this year's presentations.

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