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29 September 2023 < 1 mins

Six minute strategy - Telling it as it is

Taming inflation is proving to be a drawn-out process, despite the sharpest interest rate rises in 40 years. The result has been a tough quarter in which global equity markets fell back, while bond yields soared - the 10-year US Treasury yield reaching its highest since 2007. Investors...

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26 September 2023 5 mins

Ethical AI: Trick or Treat

Governments, companies and investors all have roles to play in ensuring that AI is a force for good. We invest in a number of companies for whom artificial intelligence (AI) is a key element in their business models and plans for future growth. As investors, we recognise the...

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12 September 2023 < 1 mins

Six minute strategy - What's keeping me up at night

Investors have been surprised by the resilience of economies and equity markets this year. Could this all be too good to be true, and what steps can investors take to protect their portfolios? Three sources of risk merit particular attention: US equities are supported by just a handful...

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25 August 2023 < 1 mins

Six minute strategy - Is now the time to buy Japan?

Japan’s equity market looks extremely cheap, with many of its stocks currently worth less than the businesses they represent. Could this be about to change? Japan appears to have broken free from three decades of deflation, and many Japanese companies are enjoying a resurgence. International investors have taken...

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