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3 February 2023 < 1 min

Six minute strategy - The outlook for sterling

It is difficult for investors to remain upbeat when reading headlines of weak economic growth, nationwide strikes, and relatively high taxation forecasts. What is even more difficult then, is to notice the economic positives that are so easily missed among the noise. In this week's six minute strategy...

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20 January 2023 < 1 min

Six minute strategy - Keeping an eye on the downside

Markets have seen a change in tempo since the beginning of the year, as equities continue their recovery initiated in the final quarter of 2022. Chief Market Strategist Guy Monson outlines the three key events that have led to this rally... but is it too soon to sound...

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16 January 2023 7 mins

Global equity outlook: company earnings in the spotlight

Inflation and interest rate rises were the dominant drag on equity returns in 2022 as they caused the market multiple to fall. The lagged effect of a rapid increase in interest rates will now cause the global economy to slow, unemployment to rise and wage inflation to fall,...

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12 January 2023 3 mins

How investors can make a difference on diversity

As responsible investors, we want to make sure that the companies we invest in are genuinely moving the dial in the right direction, and taking steps to remedy issues when they find them. In 2021, we intensified our efforts to drive change. Why diversity and inclusion matters Research...

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