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31 July 2020 2 mins

Market news – 31 July 2020

GDP data shows impact of lockdown on economies across the world US GDP fell 32.9% at q/q annualised rate in Q2, representing the largest quarterly decline in post-war history but largely in line with expectations given government lockdown measures (consensus: -34.5%, Q1: -5.0%). Consumption fell by 34.6% q/q…

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31 July 2020 6 mins

What might tighter lockdowns mean for global markets

As the infection rate upticks, and the tightening of lockdown measures affect some regions, we are seeing a slight slowdown in recovery. What does this mean for financial markets and, in particular, income and dividends?  Download the Global Strategy slides

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27 July 2020 2 mins

Market news – 27 July 2020

Euro area heads of government meeting yielded an impressive raft of joint fiscal measures The Four “Pillars” of the agreed funding total €1.29 trillion. This comprises enhancement of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) which lends to euro area sovereigns in distress – funds made available with relatively light…

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27 July 2020 6 mins

Managing your investments in a bear market

A rising tide floats all swimmers, but it’s only when the tide goes out that you can see who is wearing a swimming costume. Markets that consistently trend upwards – which they mostly do – make most investors look smart. It generally requires the shock of a bear…

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