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24 May 2024 < 1 min

Six minute strategy - Have we conquered inflation?

Global inflation data has been steadily falling for the last 18 months, with the UK seeing the lowest headline figures since the summer of 2021. But there are still challenges ahead, particularly as costs remain stubbornly high in the services sector. How will this impact investment portfolios? Join...

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10 May 2024 < 1 min

Six minute strategy - 100 today: what have we learnt?

We are delighted to share our 100th episode of the Six Minute Strategy. Thank you to all who have watched so regularly through the pandemic, wars and remarkable economic recovery. Reflecting on the extraordinary events of the last four years, what investment implications might they hold for markets...

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8 May 2024 5 mins

Are markets underestimating big tech?

The Magnificent 7[1] could have more to offer, but strong research and a selective approach will be crucial.   After such a strong run in 2023, common sense suggests that tech stocks must be expensive. Granted, they are certainly not bargain-basement stocks, but two interesting points give pause...

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3 May 2024 < 1 min

Six minute strategy - Mixed messages

Progress on fighting inflation appears to have stalled. But at the same time, new data reveals that US growth has been substantially weaker than expected. Should this fundamentally change our investment position? Join Guy Monson, Chief Market Strategist, as he discusses how investors should react to the US’s...

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2 May 2024 5 mins

Equinor and Norway: can they turn Paris promises into action?

On May 14, shareholders in Norwegian oil and gas major Equinor will be given a vote on whether the company should increase the pace of its low-carbon transition. The shareholder resolution asks the Board to ensure Equinor’s strategy and investment plans are consistent with the Paris Agreement goals....

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