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16 April 2021 6 mins

Six minute strategy: So what could go wrong?

As indices and world equities continue to hit new highs, we examine where the risks lie for financial markets. Guy Monson explores three key area of concern: the unevenness of the recovery, the inflation risks, and excesses within the markets. In this video, we look at what this…

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15 April 2021 < 1 min

The way we consume is changing

Consumer preferences are changing across the world. Global equity analyst and portfolio manager, Giles Money, tells us how evolving consumption is creating long-term investment opportunities in the next instalment of our thematic investment series. 

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14 April 2021 2 mins

The week in markets – 14 April 2021

Welcome to your weekly macroeconomic round-up, where we spotlight a few of the most significant events in the last week. China’s factory prices jump by greatest degree in nearly three years The Chinese producer price index (PPI) – a gauge of inflation experienced by factories – rose by…

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13 April 2021 7 mins

Why we’re positive on the experience economy

As global, thematic investors, we look for the long-term trends that will shape the investment landscape for years to come. Consumer behaviour and income growth are by no means new considerations, but they remain vital to identifying long-term trends and the companies best positioned to benefit. COVID-19 has…

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