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22 May 2023 6 mins

Multi Asset outlook: Defensive positioning, patient optimism

The reopening of China’s economy in January was a stroke of good luck for investors, coming just as US economic growth expectations began to weaken. As a result, the economic backdrop appeared more resilient than investors had feared. Equity markets have performed reasonably well during the first four...

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19 May 2023 < 1 min

Six minute strategy - UK economic health check

The UK is the only G7 economy that is still smaller than it was on the eve of Covid. But recent economic indicators have been more encouraging, despite sticky inflation, interest rates at 4.5% and rancorous industrial action. Join Guy Monson as he takes the pulse of UK...

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21 April 2023 < 1 min

Six minute strategy - So why are equities rallying?

Investors have faced an array of economic, geopolitical and banking challenges during the past few months. Yet, global equities have continued to make steady gains. Several factors have led to equities performing the rather surprising role of a safe-haven asset, but can this continue? Join Guy Monson as...

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