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25 January 2021 2 mins

Market news – 25 January 2021

ECB keeping options open but remaining firmly in easing mode The ECB left current policies unchanged at their January meeting last week, reiterating that they will support recovery in a “holistic and multi-faceted” way. The committee left the Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) at €1.85trn noting that the…

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22 January 2021 6 mins

Six minute strategy: Can the rally continue?

Since the end of the third quarter in 2020, the equity rally has been extraordinary, with sterling investors seeing a 20% rise in equities, and this has continued into 2021. Guy Monson reviews whether this exuberance can keep going despite some worrying signs, including the beginning of a…

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19 January 2021 6 mins

Natural disaster, relief effort and reopening

COVID-19 is a tragic natural disaster. For investors, a natural disaster is profoundly different to the typical end of cycle scenario that is usually precipitated by a tightening of monetary policy or a financial crisis. Understanding the massive coordinated government response, in an environment of no blame, has…

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18 January 2021 2 mins

Market news – 18 January 2021

Risk rally pauses for breath as US rates and the dollar rise Equities were slightly lower over the week, weighed on by rising uncertainty over the timing of the return to economic “normality” as Covid infection rates rose rapidly around the globe. The rapid rise US treasury yields…

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