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6 August 2020 3 mins

Why we should pay more attention to robotics

The mention of the term ‘robotics’ often conjures images of futuristic-looking machines competing with humans. However, real-life robotics is not quite so dramatic or threatening, but the potential it adds for our collective productivity presents an attractive opportunity. As thematic investors, we have identified automation as one of…

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31 July 2020 2 mins

Market news – 31 July 2020

GDP data shows impact of lockdown on economies across the world US GDP fell 32.9% at q/q annualised rate in Q2, representing the largest quarterly decline in post-war history but largely in line with expectations given government lockdown measures (consensus: -34.5%, Q1: -5.0%). Consumption fell by 34.6% q/q…

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31 July 2020 6 mins

What might tighter lockdowns mean for global markets

As the infection rate upticks, and the tightening of lockdown measures affect some regions, we are seeing a slight slowdown in recovery. What does this mean for financial markets and, in particular, income and dividends?  Download the Global Strategy slides

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